Clara Britos and a question of Human Rights

Clara Britos and a question of Human Rights

By Hugo Alberto de Pedro

Clara Alejandra Britos is an Argentine citizen, she is 37 years old, she is married, she is the mother of four children of 8, 13, 14 and 16 years old, she lives in Guernica, a town in the province of Buenos Aires. His life has become an ordeal of fear, attacks, intimidation, persecution and other horrifying issues that we have the obligation to denounce publicly.

"ensure the benefits of freedom" of the Preamble of the Constitution of the Argentine Nation

Who is Clara Britos

Clara Alejandra Britos is an Argentine citizen, she is 37 years old, she is married, she is the mother of four children of 8, 13, 14 and 16 years old, she lives in Guernica, a town in the province of Buenos Aires. All his working life has been developed in journalism in Guernica since 1988, making radio programs in the province of Neuquén in 1997 and 1998, and in recent years, since 2001, he has a regional newspaper in Guernica called "La Tapa "in its graphic version, as well as an Internet site (

So far, the data should not call our attention and less concern us especially about her life and physical integrity, both of her and the rest of her family. But we live in Argentina. She is a freelance journalist and does not represent any national media. Research and write what you think about what should be a rule of law where freedom of opinion and expression should be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality, his life has become an ordeal of fear, attacks, intimidation, persecution and other horrible issues that we have the obligation to publicly denounce, as well as to continue demanding from the "democratic" authorities a commitment that even the present has been conspicuous by its absurd, or perhaps compromised, absence.


Case No. 48,088 of the General Registry, internal UFI 7 No. 7,535 filed in the Crime Prosecutor's Office of La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires, had its origin in the complaints made by Clara Britos after January 1, 2000 a group of policemen from the same province broke into his private home in a large-scale procedure that lasted approximately four hours. During it, in addition to turning their house over, their mother-in-law and her husband were beaten, their children treated as criminals forcing them to get out of their beds by pushing them and thrown to the floor, and as corresponds to the police action, the damage of the case was produced.

On November 7, 2000, the case was ARCHIVED without informing the complainant about this judicial decision. Yet another proof of the injustice of our justice.

As it should be done in all cases that the information necessarily requires, we will give names and positions of public officials, prosecutors, judges and policemen, and we consider it important that their professions are known taking into account that almost all of them are, at least, read right.

By January 2000, the lawyer Carlos Federico Ruckauf was governor of the province of Buenos Aires and the minister of provincial security was Lieutenant Colonel (RE) Aldo Rico, today mayor of the Buenos Aires municipality of San Miguel and candidate for governor for the next elections held. As contenders, among others, the retired commissioner Luís Patti -intendent of Escobar- and the engineer Felipe Solá, current replacement governor of Ruckauf on the opportunity to resign from office to form part of the government of lawyer Eduardo Alberto Duhalde as Minister of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship.

In the operation carried out by the Halcón group and a brigade from Lomas de Zamora, around 30 officers participated, who surrounded the entire block, they did so due to a search warrant signed by the lawyer, judge Marisa Salvo in charge of the Court of Guarantees No. 5, who once knew how to write: "The foregoing has been elaborated from the perspective of the congestion of the judicial system and its consequent effect: less efficiency. The official - according to his competence - must give the same attention to all the facts (more or less serious ) that he is forced to instruct. It has to do with the concern that gave rise to this reflection to analyze this issue from the perspective of the defendant and the right to equality before the law, received by article 16 of the National Constitution, foundation & shy ; paradoxically- of the principle of legality ". Conviction or justification, we still don't know yet.

"Bonaerense" and his accomplices
Two and a half years later, on June 26, 2002, Maximiliano Kosteki and Darío Santillán, both members of the Aníbal Verón Movement of Unemployed Workers, were murdered at the Avellaneda station, in what is known as the "Puente Pueyrredón Massacre." Duhalde was the president, Solá was the governor of Buenos Aires, the lawyer Juan Pablo Cafiero was his Minister of Security, the lawyer Juan José Álvarez was the Minister of Justice, Human Rights and National Security, and the public accountant Jorge Matzkin was the Minister of the National Interior. Franchiotti's superior was the Head of the Lomas de Zamora Department, Osvaldo Vega, who had also been a commissioner in Guernica years ago.

The journalists' cameras established that Commissioner Alfredo Franchiotti was responsible for the deaths of the picketers and the repression that ended with dozens of injuries. For this reason today he is imprisoned and processed for double homicide aggravated by treachery. What is particular is that from the photographs and filming Clara Britos had the opportunity to recognize him as the head of the procedure carried out in his home previously reported. Having spent more than a year since the deaths, there is still no resolution by the justice and surprisingly it is Judge Marisa Salvo who is in charge of this case, as well as that of the custodian, the corporal of the Federal Police Jorge Fabián Goyochea , of the lawyer Carlos Vladimiro Corach - Minister of the Interior of the lawyer president Carlos Saúl Menem - tried and sentenced to 9 years in prison in June 2002 for murdering the young Marcos Viera on October 1, 1999 in the Buenos Aires suburbs, Claypole more precisely, and that at the beginning of the process he obtained an extraordinary release by order of the magistrate. Those releases that are always denied to those who do not belong to the security or armed forces, that is, to civilians for whom the bars are always opened and closed hastily.

We should ask ourselves if the complaint made by Clara Britos in January 2000 this judge would have paid the "attention" due. We should not regret the deaths, injuries and massacre. The answer is final: Yes.

It is always advisable to recall and in the case of Commissioner Franchiotti we must affirm that he served as an assistant officer between 1978 and 1881 in the San Vicente police station, from which he left as deputy inspector while the destinies of the "Bonaerense" were in the hands of the genocidal Colonel Ramón Camps. In 1987, with the rank of inspector, he fulfilled police functions in Lomas de Zamora while Duhalde was mayor of that municipality.

The municipal mayor of the President Perón Party - created in part from the lands of the San Vicente municipality - on which the town of Guernica depends was Oscar Ernesto Ronaldo Rodríguez, who had verbal disagreements with Clara Britos in the very Honorable Deliberative Council, then passed to serve as second of the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) commanded by the lawyer Carlos Ernesto Soria and then by the lawyer Miguel Ángel Toma during the Duhalde presidency. His wife is Mabel Müller, the national Justicialist senator, militant Duhalde, and longtime friend of Hilda "Chiche" González de Duhalde. Both couples carried out a commercial activity in a private park cemetery in Burzaco called Monte Paraíso and belonging to the company Gasf SA. We must remember that from "La Tapa" the journalist reported on acts of corruption in Guernica, which caused her to be threatened on several occasions .

Preparing the repression and the deaths

On June 11, 2002, in a march held in Guernica in repudiation of the aggression suffered by four teachers, Clara Britos recounted in her chronicles that photographs of the protesters were taken from the terrace of the municipality and then blacklists were drawn up with the names of the participants. Kosteki and Santillán were present at the march. 15 days later they would find death at the hands of the "Bonaerense", Oscar Rodríguez was in the SIDE and had the personal friendship of Duhalde.

The interim mayor was by then Alfonso Aníbal Regueiro, Oscar Rodríguez's man, and as was to be expected, he did not carry out any action or promote any investigation, despite the fact that men armed with sticks had left the municipal building and caused the damage that they imprisoned on the protesters. Some of us might suppose that they had relationships with the "anti-caceroleros and anti-piqueteros guys", but without serious investigation we always end up not knowing the truth.

Custody, threats and accessions

It was not until February 25 of this year that police custody was ordered at his home due to the intervention of the fiscal lawyer Alejandro Villordo, head of the Functional Instruction Unit No. 9 of La Plata.

Clara Britos has suffered raids, attacks, telephone "punctures" interventions, attempts to hit cars, intimidating telephone calls, threats, firearms being fired at her home, street chases, vehicles intimidating in front of her home and even an attempted fire just days ago, on July 13.

Many people and organizations, Argentine and foreign, have been making claims about the need for a serious investigation and to provide the security that any citizen deserves, such as: Amnesty International, Cercle Obert de Benicalap (Spain), Periodistas Frente a Corruption (PFC), Association for the Defense of Independent Journalism (JOURNALISTS), Union of Press Workers of Buenos Aires (Utpba), National Communication Network, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founder Line, Argentine Association for Human Rights (Spain ), Proyecto Conosur, Writers in Prison Committee WinPC International PEN (London), etc.

Humanitarian Asylum and / or Refuge

With this tight and concise account of some of the antecedents that we have, other than claims, we can affirm that the physical and psychological integrity of Clara Britos and that of her family are in serious danger. This is how they understand it within our country and in the world, who today demand the granting of asylum and / or refuge for her and her family group.

Solidarity and international understanding has come from Spain, where the request for the "Residence Permit" is being processed before the Spanish authorities, taking into account that the Provincial Council of Teruel and the Government of Aragon formalized the commitment for "humanitarian reasons" of provide housing and work for Clara Britos as well as all the components of her family. The procedures have also been made before the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations and at the Consulate of Spain in Argentina.

As long as the slow and unjust administration of justice decides to seriously investigate, prosecute those responsible and condemn the political instigators as well as the people involved in the continuous attacks, Clara Britos has to continue to suffer many torments.

We must raise very loud our voices of condemnation and rejection once again in our Argentina. We cannot remain indifferent and continue to pretend to be distracted, because our history of human rights violations and crimes against humanity that at this time could find the light of justice with the annulment of the Laws does not allow us to do so. of End Point and Due Obedience, as well as the possibility that the murderers could be extradited to be tried abroad for their misdeeds against the lives of thousands of human beings.

We do not want, nor will we allow it, to suffer political deaths again in our country.

In short, the National Government and the attorney for the Nation, Néstor Carlos Kirchner, must urgently address this issue, as well as the attorney for the Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Security Gustavo Osvaldo Béliz, the attorney for Undersecretary of Human Rights Eduardo Luís Duhalde, the attorney for the Minister of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship Rafael Bielsa and the lawyer Secretary of Intelligence Sergio Edgardo Acevedo.

That Clara Britos and her family environment can restart a life of tranquility and peace, security and freedom, with the possibility of carrying out all personal and family projects, that her children can study and enjoy a life without pressure or threats is and should be for everyone, including appointed attorneys, A MATTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

* Hugo Alberto de Pedro
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