All about the ANANA or PIÑA

All about the ANANA or PIÑA

Pineapple can be grown easily. Its most important properties, how to know when it is ripe and much more about this exquisite fruit

What other name is it known by?
It is known by the name of pineapple, tropical pineapple, abacaxi.

How is your plant?
It is a tropical plant that grows to approximately 70 cm, it is extremely showy, with long leaves that curve outward from the center.

And its fruit?
It is large in size, has a globose and elongated shape, ending in a tuft or crown of small green leaves, its color is orange, its fruit is fleshy, and its pulp is white-yellowish.
It is very sensitive to shocks.

How do we know when it is ripe?
The pineapple should be firm to the touch, and when ripe it gives off a very pleasant and tempting aroma.
Its leaves must be green and well attached, but with a detail, that if when taking a leaf from the center it comes out easily, it will indicate that the pineapple is at the right point of maturity

What does it contribute to our body when we eat it?
If we start from the base, 100 grams of fresh pineapple, we must consider that the contributions would be broken down as follows: 85% water, 27 mg of vitamin C and a good amount of fiber.
Calories that give us 50.

What are its most outstanding properties?
It has diuretic action, therefore it helps those who have kidney, bladder and prostate problems.
Helps to correct and prevent constipation and normalizes the intestinal flora.
Its juice has some antiseptic power, therefore it helps in throat and mouth inflammations.
Contributes to the elimination of toxins through urine.
Taken before meals, it stimulates gastric secretion, helping digestion and the activity of the stomach and small intestine.
It helps to restore the flexibility of the joints, and reduces rheumatic pain.
In cases of hemorrhoids, it helps reduce inflammation.
For those who suffer from blood pressure its consumption is recommended.

Are all these properties maintained in canned or cooked pineapple?
It is a very important question and the answer is NO, in canned pineapple all these properties are lost and when cooked they decrease. Therefore, it is best to consume it fresh and ready.

What else can you tell me about pineapple?
There are many qualities and properties that this fruit has, but we try to highlight those that we consider most important, and that are applicable to common situations, but we do not want to finish, without leaving you this proposal, that perhaps you dare to experiment with very good results .

Pineapple can be grown easily. We must have a fresh pineapple with the entire crown of leaves on top. First we must cut 2 or 3 cm of the final part of the pineapple, we leave this part unused and take advantage of all the rest of the fruit with the crown of leaves.
The second thing we must do is cut the pulp until we reach the hard and fibrous part of the center.
Third, keep all this part of the fruit, dry, for 2 or 3 days, which is what will help prevent it from rotting.
Fourth, remove some of the lower leaves and plant in a mixture of moist soil and sand, in a medium pot.
Fifth, keep in a well-lit and warm place, but without the earth becoming too wet. It is watered regularly with a sprayer and it is advisable not to expose it to direct sun during the summer months.

We consider that it is a type of gardening, novel, simple, inexpensive and practical, and that at the same time it is pleasant, entertaining, and very enriching due to the experience that we obtain from it.

There are many things in favor, therefore, not to take it into account and transmit it, and in some way, reward them with these small details of knowledge, who today are supporting and honoring us with their visit.

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