The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the A.L.C.A.

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the A.L.C.A.

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By Rosalía Paiva

When we talk about Human Rights, we are talking about life. By making this statement we are recognizing that we are diverse, that we are the same and we are nature.

When we talk about Human Rights, we are talking about life. Your life, my life, the life of those who are there and far beyond, the life that exists in the four directions. By making this statement we are recognizing that we are diverse and that we are the same and that we are nature that we are and live off the earth. So we are his children with the same mother: the Earth (Pachamama).

If we understand this, it means that we know that we are brothers and sisters, therefore, we cannot be against the life of any of our brothers, because we are family. Family also of non-humans; also, because we are part of that whole, and in relation to the whole, that is, of the animate and inanimate which is in us, and with us, and for us, and we are in them. Because everything is life with the right to be and exist by natural law.

This being the case, we cannot explain why the Rights of Indigenous Peoples have not been approved in 10 years (1994-2004), what happened? (2) Is it a difficult matter? And does it take another 10 years (2005 -2015) for said declaration to be approved?

This is pathetic for humanity. I have someone else's shame. 20 years and maybe more is required to approve the rights of us indigenous people and our peoples.

This measures the conceptions, the values ​​on which this society is based. Maybe pride?

Until now, the civilized human society of the globe does not sign indigenous rights.

This means that we indigenous people do not exist, or we do not mean anything to the world, nor does our cultural contribution, knowledge, our technological and scientific advances in all fields contributed to the world. And now to try to expropriate the only thing we have left: our dignity. Does so much hatred hang over First Nations men and women and their peoples? Do you want to continue ignoring us for 10 more years?

We are 6,427,010,932 (1) of people around the world; and the population of the Indigenous Peoples (Native) is more than 500 million, that is, more than 500 million people absolutely lacking official political representation, in the states. States deny or suppress us. They think that we are invisible to the global system.

It is the only human '"race" "without representation and with full competence in the United Nations, substantively because we do not legally recognize" visible universal human "attributes, that is, rights to one's own language, culture, forms of spirituality, specific recognition of our own history, forms of social, economic and political organization.

It is, in short, the biggest legal scandal committed in the millennium in the sight and patience of all the organizations that pride themselves on guarding and safeguarding the most elementary and humane values.

How is it possible that indigenous men and women of the first nations in the XXI century are not recognized for our existence? So much indolence of the world towards us?

We claim our rights to exist !! And be!!

Why does no one say anything about this scoundrel and legal genocide?

The Decade of Indigenous Peoples was conceived as an opportunity to generate and practice new equitable social, economic, political and cultural relations between States and indigenous peoples, society in general. However, the greatest obstacle reflected are the conceptual disagreements on poverty, democracy, citizenship, power-governability, development, security that account for the colonial subordination that continues to characterize the States.

In May 2005 the IV Session of the Permanent Forum of Indigenous Peoples of the World was held at the United Nations and its conclusions are translated into an unfinished business, since there is no materialization in the recognition and exercise of our rights in the United Nations System; what happened?.

The States and Governments did not assume their commitment. And on the other hand, monopolistic transnational corporations, far from building a social commitment, threaten the life and collective rights of our peoples, by privileging their excessive private interests, legitimized by the negotiation processes of trade agreements, which subordinate their own sovereignty of the States.

And of course all the maneuver has one objective: and it is the signing of the economic treaty and especially the free trade agreement, since, in all the countries of the Latin American and Caribbean Continent, (Abya Yala) has been promoting; There is a reason for this, the seizure of our lands, our territories and their natural and energy resources, our labor almost given away, by not having legal rights to assist us, it makes it easier for us to disappear as peoples.

Our territories are immensely rich and our knowledge and consent are not necessary for that plan-agreement because they hinder the interests of the imperial colonialists, since the governments give them to them for free.

National governments without our legal voice deliver our territories and natural resources and with us inside as if we were merchandise or livestock, more easily. So once the law is cheated as our grandparents said. Customary law is not respected.

Therefore, recognizing our rights in 2005 would have brought complications to the predators of the indigenous peoples and the submissive governments of the national states. Well, without legislation without recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples we are vulnerable, therefore the non-signing of indigenous rights makes things easier for them.

Where are the Creole politicians and politicians who do not accuse these governments of being traitors to the country for being submissive? Where are the ombudsmen? Where is the supposed nationalist Creole Congressmen, supposed fathers of the country, when they swear and promise fidelity, loyalty and assume their commitments by putting their flag and their national symbols in the middle? Then in the name of the supposed country they give the sovereignty of a nation state with its inhabitants to the blocks of finance capital and usurers of the unjust trade of imperialism. What a shame; Could we call them traitors to the homeland?

Given the legal absence of an international instrument such as the rights of indigenous peoples. Imperialism and transnationals intend to ensure the free circulation of merchandise and capital throughout the continent. And of course, with the endorsement of the doctrinal Churches and their hierarchies, it intends to achieve control of the economies of each of the Countries of the Americas.

For the natives this situation means that Colonization continues.

Where are the so-called independences?

Some still want us to believe that the FTAA will bring some benefit to the nation states.

We First Nations people, millennial practitioners of participatory democracy, know that this is not the case. We have 513 years of resistance and we know that nothing good is negotiated behind the back of the People and in secret between roosters and midnight, but nothing is hidden under the sun anymore. Perhaps we do not see that they meet with their only accomplices that they have in each country and those are the governments of the respective republics (except for honorable exceptions in A.L.) and some large businessmen and they still go on their knees to beg them to sign. These bad dial "negotiators" (encomenderos) know that they will get personal / group rewards from their empire bosses and will earn an important dial charge for their services.

The United States government and the economic multinationals need the FTAA to solve their economic problems and satisfy their desire for domination and looting and destruction of our natural and human resources, for this it has the corrupt governments and local partners, of the National States of the Continent, thus ensuring a market without limitations and without competitors.

This is a long history of injustice and oppression for the Peoples of America and especially for the Indigenous Peoples, the same ones who have become the most vulnerable of this imperial outpost, due to the fact that the Governments of the different countries of America have no will policy to comply with public policies, laws and International Instruments that they themselves have approved or signed, plunging us into the most absolute poverty, hunger, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, criminalization and judicialization of our leaders, contempt because they do not include us at all in Nothing, and quite the contrary, they have allowed them to continue appropriating our lands, territories, natural resources of the soil and subsoil, the patrimonies and legacies of our ancestors, not respecting customary law.

And as a consequence of this we have been expelled from our ancestral lands to become temporary workers, urban migrants, the starving, beggars and finally domestic servants in exchange for only food, therefore exposed to the most inhumane forms of labor exploitation. and social, since the so-called "economic adjustments" at the cost of hunger, misery, the denial of all human and ancestral rights, among which are the right to land and rights over resources, the right to ancestral territory, right to free self-determination, to participation in the life of the State, nationality, health, social security in general, the right to spiritual, linguistic and cultural identity, the right to intercultural bilingual education, to information, to work , to participation in development, the right to participate in the political, economic and social life of the society in which we live. Instead of all this we have been objects of total exclusion.

We are in 2005, and what do we have as a legal basis for international recognition at the United Nations level about our existence? Any.

The neoliberal model has been implemented, a model that demands the delivery of everything through privatizations through which oil, hydrocarbons, national companies, airlines, railways, telephone companies have been delivered, and territories are still being delivered. , the water without any benefit in return.

Large companies were installed destroying the ecological balance, biodiversity and thousands of hectares were deforested to develop export crops that use pesticides on a large scale, to the detriment of traditional crops that constitute the diet of people, communities, and farmers. original towns. The way was opened to the proliferation of transgenic and hybrid seeds, to the deforestation of large areas of native forests, excessive exploitation of minerals and with it the poisoning of lakes and rivers.

It is intended to convert our peoples into consumers and suppliers of raw materials or manufactured goods with low added value, it intends to impose regulations that hinder the ability to control each country, each nation state over the activities of foreign investors where the advantages are always For these to the detriment of the small and medium national company and the rest of the population, it intends to be based on the rights of the market that is:

  • Right to the greatest profit from large capital at the expense, as we have said, of the looting of the natural wealth of our peoples and the exploitation of human beings, my brothers, our brothers.
  • The same treatment will be given to a small company as well as to the large transnational (they allege that supporting or protecting the small or medium national company will mean discriminating against the large transnational corporation). Our life has taught us that equal treatment among unequals can only lead to more inequality and injustice.

Any norm for the protection of national industry applied in the countries of the region could consider large transnational companies as discriminatory and these could bring national states to court that incurred in charge of international tribunals. With the supremacy of the market, the fundamental rights of indigenous people and people in general are lost, the role of the States is annulled. The installation of the FTAA will sharpen:

  • The precariousness and flexibility of work.
  • The deregulation of the financial market.
  • The freedom of large economic groups to the detriment of small ones.

That is, all the rights for large capitals, without the State being able to regulate or establish rights for nationals, the large capitalists will have the right to close a source of work and go to another place where they can pay less to workers (as already we are seeing it), or run over, pollute the environment, harm all medium and small national entrepreneurs and farmers without anything being able to stop it. If there is opposition, the State must agree to submit to the rules of domination that the FTAA will impose.

Singing tests.

What happened after 8 years of signing the North American free trade agreement whose initials are NAFTA or NAFTA that was signed in 1994 and where Canada and Mexico participated? Mexico has a poverty never seen before. Not in terms of GDP, but in terms of the situation of the population, 75 of every 100 people are poor, the minimum wage lost more than three-quarters of its purchasing power, 200,000 jobs were destroyed, the State of Guerrero was 40% of the forest has been cleared, child labor has increased and living conditions are unprotected and unhealthy.

Canada, among other situations, due to the imposition of the proportional distribution system, has to send to the United States. 55% of the total gas production, although in Canada it is needed and they have to pay more expensively. Something similar happens with oil, you have to send it to the United States. 1.3 million barrels per day of oil, with production of 2.3. In E.U. Many thousands of workers have lost their jobs because companies have preferred to relocate to other countries where they are paid less for their labor, exploited more easily and with the consent of the government they can make higher profits.

All this situation affects the daily life of people, especially those who have fewer resources and are more vulnerable, since governments in their desire to faithfully comply with the imposed mandate, ignore the role they must fulfill, a role that is exposed in each of the Constitutions of each Country. I am referring to the social services that they have to comply with by obligation, which have become a commodity and are only for those who can pay, for example, if a person gets sick if they have no money they are condemned to die because they have to pay attention, exams, medicine and even a stay in hospital bed, even if you have contributed to social security throughout your life.

The recovery of health by companies will seek the highest profit and of course the poor and the indigenous will be excluded from all assistance and protection by the State, outside any health program, housing, education, etc., free protection by part of the State could be questioned by foreign transnational companies as unfair competition, and they could sue the State that does so, taking that State to trial before supranational courts.

The health of the population will be further harmed if the consumption of transgenic foods, which have no control, is taken into account.

As for the agriculture that the different indigenous peoples and communities carry out, it will no longer be allowed, it will be supplanted by the agro-industry, agro-business, the competition will end with the small and medium producers, the same has happened with the small businesses that have been cornered by supermarkets. And what is worse, they will seize our seeds and water, as we have seen.

We see that the FTAA excessively affects our ancestral rights to land and territory, natural resources, respect for our identity, our culture and traditional knowledge, and our self-determination as original nations.

As for Water (Mamayaku) blue gold. "There is a plan for the appropriation of water resources, they have started with the privatization and sale through the bottleneck that they sell in the cities; they plan to expropriate the most important freshwater aquifers in South America as the Amazon Region and others.

Our struggle should not remain only in denunciation, although some social groups ignore us, we cannot lose sight of the conscious social groups, the fight against the imperial project that is expressed in the FTAA, requires everyone, because it should not happen the growing militarization, criminalization and judicialization of our demands against the foreign debt (this has been paid in excess and is not an economic issue, it is a political issue, it is an instrument of domination and blackmail, through which we pay more, the more we owe, the less we have and the more slaves we are).

It is necessary to raise the urgent need for a complete break with the current system of domination and accept instead the challenge of integration and globalization based on values ​​and respect for the cultural diversity of peoples and solidarity collaboration between them, that is to say, to reciprocity, a fundamental principle of our ancestors.

The concrete construction of an alternative integration based on the right of peoples to their self-determination, as well as new models of development that respect the environment, based on equity, inclusion and respect for human and non-human rights are an alternative. because they GUARANTEE A DIGNIFIED EXISTENCE.

Thus; the alternative is the integration of our peoples, unity is necessary to fight, to win, to plan our destiny in the reconstruction of our Tawantinsuyana Motherland, through resistance; Well, the fight for our ideological / political independence continues today more than ever.

Our indigenous peoples are inclusive and they always were, that is our natural expression as children of Pachamama, for this reason we are all necessary.

We are First Nations people and we have experience in resistance. Faced with the imperial claim through the FTAA, let's say to the genocidal colonialists of the 21st century; Ama Sua! Ama Llulla! Ama Qhella! Ancestral code means do not be a thief, do not be a liar, do not be idle.

Life with dignity is important to any petty interest.

We are Earth people and we are here with our intelligence, our will, love, we are the present and we are going to the future because our history is based on thousands of years of work experience, struggle, wisdom and knowledge that we contribute and continue to contribute day a day to humanity. As people of the Earth we have brought the peoples of the world out of hunger and death with our immense variety of food, we are intelligent, creative and owners of a culture, we have an identity linked to our Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Our ancestors are with us, Pachamama will continue to help us. She gave us life teachings for our growth, she gives us MUNAY, YANKAY and YACHAY. We are children of the Earth and no, we need other laws or commandments; because LOVE (MUNAY) makes us aware of "SERVICE", which must always be the "SERVICE OF THE BEING", since Service is the consciousness of reciprocity or WORK ... we are sure that LOVE and WORK (YANKAY ) lead us to the higher consciousness of KNOWING or KNOWING (YANCHAY). There is the wisdom we need, there is our word arrow, our energy, there is our struggle and there is our right to be, to exist to live with dignity. Pachakuti is close because the winds of freedom are already blowing.


(1) According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Bureau of the Census, the projected total World population for March 27, 2005 at 19:59 GMT (EST + 5) is 6,427,010,932.

(2) Adelfo Regino, leader of Servicios del Pueblo Mixe (SER) and expert before the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues of the UN, pointed out that especially the United States, Great Britain, France and Russia have a very clear position of denial and questioning of the right to the Indian peoples to self-determination and their lands and territories. Rosa Rojas interview for the newspaper La Jornada.

* Tawntinsuyu, August 1, 2005

Video: 10th anniversary UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (June 2022).


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