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The Ethical Car

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By Feliciano Pla-Xiberta

The future "less dirty" car runs at 3.6 liters / 100 km; It is a “plug-in” hybrid to the grid –of electricity obtained from polluting before- and polluting gasoline: Polluting before to pollute less later, is polluting. Gentlemen manufacturers: We want "the car WITHOUT PETROLEUM"; electro-solar cars, hybrids NO: neither to eat nor to walk, understood?

For dignity, all being intelligent, should be ethical; In this way, it would be avoided how unethical that causes damages without measure - water, air, groceries, houses, fuels, energy, ... and “goods (?)” and services- and obliges to consent to the existence of corrective, unnecessary businesses if the unethical did not occur. Automobile manufacturers, allied to the oil business, insist on keeping us dependent until the last drop of oil that comes out of the subsoil is burned; But now, users are conspiring to never buy another one in their lifetime, until reliable electrosolar vehicles appear.

My definitions

I defined "ethical water" as that which does NOT harm or harm everything it touches - the case of water that is supplied "as good" by almost all municipal services in the world.

I defined the "ethical air" as one that does not harm or harm anyone or anything.

I defined "ethical edibles" as natural foods that carry nutrients, without mixtures or additives, that do not harm or harm the living beings that try to nourish themselves with them.

I defined "ethical housing" as one built respecting the landscape, with the minimum amount of local materials - "ethical", of course - that takes advantage of local, clean, inexhaustible and free energies, and consumes them with measure, and restores vegetation to the space previously occupied by it, plus what it can reduce to resources, waste, produced in itself, which will also be used by it, closing cycles locally.

I defined the "ethical fuel" –wood, coal, oil, oils, alcohols,… - as one that does not pollute anything at any time –extraction, transport, transformation, or during use- nor does it produce waste that cannot be used as resources next; in addition to not burning in a bad way - as is the fate of 90% of the oil that is extracted - because the "good" way has not yet been found.

I defined "ethical energy" as local, clean, inexhaustible and free, which has not harmed or will harm, nor has it harmed or will harm anyone, or anything, nor will it leave residues, which are not used, later, as resources.

I defined "ethical goods and services" as those that do not harm or harm, not before, during or after use.

It is understood?

The autoEtico

By the same rule of three, the truly ethical vehicle is made with local materials, which takes advantage of local energies, which serves with minimal consumption and leaves no waste. Is this impossible? Today, we continue to count on “the twelve Elements to maintain a SUSTAINABLE world” –the sun, the moon, the fire, the wind, the water, the soil, the plants, the animals, the people, their structures, waste and information- and infinite means to achieve it, but there are those who insist on not using it.

Lately the Spanish daily newspapers have published texts referring to this, which I transcribe below.

Mobility and health

"Going by car or motorcycle is up to 8 times more expensive," I read in a newspaper. That of mobility is not a problem of time or money, but of "calories" and finally of urban health. Going by “bicing” and returning the bike in a van, always traveling by public transport, or working outside the home to pay for machines or / and whoever does her chores for me, does not solve anything and, even less, our ecoProblem.

Every ecoProblema is solved by an ecoSolution; the first ecoSolution is AVOID. 60 years ago, when we were hanging from trams - running on kilowatts of "super-powerful" coal - mobility was reduced; worked at or near home. Today –thanks to electronics especially- more than 50% of “work batches” –complete task that can be attended by a person anywhere, at any time, hardly needing anything that does not fit on a computer and / or can be transmitted by Internet- of more than 50% of the companies, they can be served at or near home. Why “rush hour pollution”, blocking of streets, belts and highways? The best business anyone can do is to work at home or nearby - perhaps in a "workSpace", a public space, enabled to work without disturbing others. The best business of any company is to invoice without offices, workshops and warehouses; check in without polluting mobility. "Health comes first" - the health of the people and the planet where they live.

What vehicle to use?

"Going by car or motorcycle is up to 8 times more expensive," I read in a newspaper. Expensive, of what? Money? Tempo? How much does it cost each one to earn the money? How much does each one's time cost? Everything is to be measured in money, but money is not a unit of measurement for anything, even if it is used as a measure of almost everything, because each one puts the price they see fit for each thing. Mobility can only be measured in calories. The calorie is the most universal unit. Calories are burned in everything; only gravity is free. Going down, with a few calories and a scooter, skateboard, skates, or a bike, you can go down Balmes street, from top to bottom, wearing out sole, wheels and amortizing and maintaining the vehicle. On the plain, the consumption of human calories, previously solar, provided by well-digested and absorbed nutrients, can take you down Calle Valencia -from Tarragona to Avenida Meridiana-. On the way up, it is better to take the bus that consumes gas or diesel, or the subway that consumes kilowatts, before, also gas or diesel, brought from the desert or the South Seas, previously produced by the sun - for its calories; like almost everything-. I think the important thing is to be happy. If I am happy walking, I go on foot; if skateboarding is more fun, I take it; If I master inline skates or 2 × 2, I put my boots on, and it goes !; If I have a lightweight folding scooter, I take advantage of it; if the bike is ready, I will pedal; If the motorcycle, the car, subway, bus or tram,. Whatever comes out! What difference does it make? Another thing is the pollution that you produce and swallow; and your health. Here is the ecoProblem, which can only be solved by an ecoSolution.

Vehicle sharing

Now that travel expenses have risen so much due to the increase in fuel costs and that this is no longer a transitory event - what goes up no longer goes down, but goes up forever - if you want to reduce travel expenses, you can look at internet someone make the same journey and put a vehicle and driver, or offer you the service with your own vehicle to others who can take advantage of it. Of course, you should be aware of another or other people when going and returning. Thanks to Google, you can travel all over the world like this: sharing expenses. Only “hitchhiking is cheaper: You go out onto the street or onto the road and wait for someone to stop and offer to take you as far as they can.

Perhaps you need something more secure and stable - almost every day - and are not willing to live on "human charity." When I had to go 25 km from Barcelona every day at 6.30 in the morning and returned at 3 in the afternoon, I was alone and as the driver of my car, or as a traveling companion, like a man, driving another . This forced me to be very punctual, and to be in contact with the driver.

Then there were no mobile phones, or people on permanent call to assist me from them.

They were different times. Now, ready to spend mobile phone, no relationship problem; They can let you know when they leave, when they arrive, if there is any incident, ... Very practical, at half price and with free driver and car maintenance. What else do you want? Carpooling and hitchhiking is, at least, worthy and responsible for avoiding climate change.

The forbidden car

It is clear that pollution spoils life on the planet. It is clear that it is not smart to continue polluting. It is clear that it is better to live with clean air, ethical water, vegetated soil, food plants, diverse animals, friendly people, a solar house, renewable energy, treating waste as resources, and taking advantage of everything local. Therefore, the day people vote for the one who uses intelligence well to live healthier, the chosen one ...

1. It will promote vegetation and forest in the city;
2. It will authorize the construction in height, maintaining the forest around;
3. Avoid all unsustainable, harmful and unhealthy actions;
4. Avoid the manufacture of what is not consumed locally;
5. Demand the preferential consumption of local nutritious foods;
6. Avoid the transport of food outside a radius of 50 km;
7. Avoid urban circulation with polluting fuels;
8. It will try that people serve each other within the smallest possible territory;
9. It will favor movement on foot or in a vehicle "with blood" on which air burns;
10. Promote the easy and inexpensive disposal of electrosolar public vehicles for personal needs.

The "coching" of the minister

This is a proposal for the free disposal of public "electro-solar" cars under the Spanish sun, such as "bicing" for bicycles. Cars should be charged exclusively with direct solar energy - photovoltaic roof and hood - and / or recharged in parking lots powered only by solar energy. Every day there are more glass buildings, which could be photovoltaic stations, at the foot of which the recharge would take place. This would free the streets of "unprofitable" cars. Who would not do without their car, if they had one - at a fair price and ready - when they needed it anywhere in Spain? I make this proposal to the Minister, before he must rectify once more - a virtue that honors, used with measure. Minister: Now that you are attracted to the topic of electric cars, get it right! Only electrosol !. Change noisy and dirty cars to oil or "mixed", by electrosolar vehicles of profitable size, friends of man and nature. Ah! And put a station at the door of all official buildings, to eliminate once and for all the mobile park of all administrations. You can do it!

A solar car

For the "coching" you need a real solar car; no approximations. Some questions about the solar car are:

1. It should only depend on the sun -which has not failed since it exists-,
2. It depends on men with "vested interests",
3. It depends on the weight of the materials - if you go to Mars, you can go from one corner to another, and well beyond-,
4. It depends on the friction on the ground and in the air,
5. It depends on the light - photovoltaic energy - capable of capturing the exterior finish of the vehicle itself,
6. It depends on the energy consumption - the design and the traction system.
7. It depends on the capacity to store energy -battery or equivalent-,
8. It depends on the political interest,
9. It depends on the use of all the spacecraft, and
10. It depends on the ease of assembly - no vehicle works with fewer components than an electro-solar vehicle.

50 years ago Tranvías de Barcelona had a tower truck to repair the contact line. It was used at night and charged during the day. I who lived it for 4 years, I never remember it in repair. He accompanied 3 horse-drawn tower chariots; almost as silent as he. The 4 together, or in pairs, took care of the maintenance of the aerial tram and trolleybus line. During the day, for emergencies, there were noisy diesel trucks. The electric one was the most profitable, without a doubt. Seeing it and hearing it pass was a spectacle, that today we cannot afford

Urban solar designs

Barcelona should be, for a long time, the European city that made the most and best use of free energy. It is not, nor is there any hope that it will be, if the councilors are not passed through the "solar reason machine". Having so much versed in this town, it is easy ...

1. Organize a master and seminars on Urban Solar Design,
2. Encourage DSU applications,
3. Promote the manufacture of urban solar elements,
4. Promote the assembly of light photovoltaic roofs and facades-greenhouse, for the production of electricity, heat, hot water and food crops,
5. Promote the restoration of facades and roofs, for the same purpose.
6. Encourage the replacement of conventional windows and glass, with other photovoltaic insulating-anti-noise, for this purpose,
7. Establish walks with translucent solar covers,
8. Encourage the design and manufacture of economical light electrosolar vehicles,
9. Implement the municipal “coching” service –public fleet of light electrosolar rental vehicles without a driver-,
10. Avoid the overnight stay of polluting vehicles on the street, and establish a service for the purchase / sale of polluting vehicles, paying with vouchers for the use of “coching”,
11. Eliminate the municipal polluting fleet and, instead, use “coching”,
12. Promote the economic public service of electrosolar charging for the consumption of electrical energy produced by facades, roofs and solar PV roofs.

The "Obama" self-electrosolars

The first of the measures signed by Barack Obama to facilitate US energy independence has been to oblige manufacturers to ensure that by 2020 all cars have a performance of 35 MPG (miles traveled per gallon of gasoline, the equivalent to 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers in Europe). I was amused to see the data because at the same time I also saw her mentioned in Who Killed the Electric Car ?, an excellent documentary from 2006 where the bizarre story of electric cars is told in a world dominated by petrol oil, industrial interests and the laws that it is not very clear to whom they benefit. In the documentary it is mentioned that a proposal that was handled years ago was precisely to increase the mandatory performance of conventional vehicles to 40 MPG (5.8 liters per 100 km) and it is stated that it had been calculated that it would serve to save after a year as much oil as is consumed in the entire United States in one day, which is about 20 million barrels. The Obama figure, viewed in perspective, is short and far too distant in the term, although it could also be said that, at least, it is a good start.

The CAR WITHOUT OIL and the deaf and blind

Someday, it will give prestige to say: I don't have a car. We will go from “a man with a car, at least” to “a man WITHOUT his own car”. I presented the "coching" that ends with cars in the street, day and night. If you need a car, you ask for it at 900,000,000, and you have it at the door, immediately. The driver who leaves it to you returns to his "base" on a bike that he removes from the trunk. The "coching" only lends electro-solar vehicles -charged with electricity obtained from sunlight. Now, the manufacturer of the least dirty car, says, that it cannot yet make the car plugged into the sun. I, who used an electric vehicle for many years, every night, thought I knew what that was; Now, they do not know it, not even those who have sold hundreds of millions of cars that are polluting the planet, "enraging" living beings and ruining buyers who, by the time they sit in them, have already lost half of the investment. The future "less dirty" car runs at 3.6 liters / 100 km; It is a hybrid “plug-in” to the grid –of electricity obtained from polluting before- and polluting gasoline: Polluting before to pollute less later, is polluting. They hover over noSolutions, instead of looking for ecoSolutions.

Gentlemen manufacturers: We want "the car WITHOUT PETROLEUM"; electro-solar cars, hybrids NO: neither to eat nor to walk. It is understood? We are saying it and you neither hear nor read. Go to the ENT and back to kindergarten: All children know what to do, and we will do it.

The RACC, congestion and the self-ethic

Here in Barcelona-Spain, I just responded to some news, like this:

After reading what the RACC says about the € 538 / year lost by Madrid drivers - who are more - I have searched, what happens in Barcelona. Here, drivers, in November 2007, were already losing about € 690 / year; now much more. This is nothing compared to what all human society loses - not the SA, with forgiveness - for the damages caused by the action “smart? of the same, that "commits suicide" because "of something we have to die". The RACC gives advice to the managers of our money not to solve anything, instead of thinking intelligently - really - and avoid the damages and losses, which are much greater. Any "business" that ends up killing is neither ethical nor worthy of an intelligent being. Out of dignity, he should change his "dubious" advice to governments for "good advice" to ONLY his million-odd members, to avoid the evil they cause using their conventional cars. If you love them well, you should say: ENOUGH NOW –And I added the following solutions-.

THERE ARE ecoSOLUTIONS - with them I close this panorama on the desired ethical car.

1. Work and play locally;
2. Do not invest in what hurts;
3. Require manufacturers to be "self-ethical" -that does not harm or harm-;
4. Change polluting vehicles for “self-ethical” - if you can't invent cars-clean-air, instead of cars that pollute-;
5. Avoid unprofitable vehicles, and even less, have them on the street;
6. Avoid motorized travel at peak hours –now- and, if it is essential, move only, during off-peak hours –now-;
7. Influence others, to exchange “death” for the “good life”.

Become eco-conscious, please !!!

Feliciano Pla-Xiberta He is founder and general coordinator of Univerd. 1983 - Permaculture of Spain
Spanish association that has promoted -in Spanish- for more than 25 years, ecoCulture -as a science of all times and countries- and permaDiseño -Design for Sustainability-

Video: The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars (June 2022).


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