HAARP: the “musicians” who want us to play the harp

HAARP: the “musicians” who want us to play the harp

By Luis E. Sabini Fernández

For a few years now, the notes that indicate something dark around the HAARP project, a spawn of the United States military for climate control for military purposes, have intensified. For some scientists, an inconsiderate use of electromagnetic waves, included in HAARP projects, could include environmental cataclysms.

For some years now, the notes that indicate something dark around the HAARP project, a spawn of the US military for climate control for military purposes, have intensified.

Notes from those who have taken the trouble to collect items on the High-Frequency Active Aural Research project, which is itself part of the larger strategic program, Star Wars, All of them point to “concerns”, indications, hints, of such a strategy, which, lacking evidence of any concreteness, limit themselves to making a worrying diagnosis and at the same time want to avoid filing charges that, without verification at sight, could become flanks weak to any reaction. By dishonesty, slander, etcetera.

"Our" esteemed Michel Chossudovsky (1) in a work from 2005 locates the origin of such projects in 1992. (2) Another student of the subject, Nick Begich, (3) in cooperation with Jeane Manning, on the other hand, traces their origins plans in the 1950s, something the e-group agrees on in another recent presentation. (4)

Publicly, as Begich and Manning make clear in their work, HAARP “gives the impression that it is an academic project with the objective of modifying the ionosphere to improve the quality of our communications. However, various documents of military origin express more clearly that the objective of HAARP is to learn to “exploit the ionosphere in the service of the purposes of the Ministry of Defense [sic]”.

The truth is that Fairbanks University, Alaska, is engaged in research of atmospheric manipulation unprecedented since the outbreaks of the atomic bombs.

It is estimated that this program, so jealously guarded by the US military, would allow them to provide themselves with a tomograph covering the entire planet with which to verify to whoever instructed it whether or not there is nuclear proliferation, for example. It could also track very low-level aircraft or missile cruisers, thus overcoming the old ways of detection. The management of HAARP according to its holders would also enable to ensure better and broader communications in extremely large areas.

But those are the "legal activities" or "in sight" of the project. For some scientists, an inconsiderate use of electromagnetic waves, included in HAARP projects, could include environmental cataclysms.

Background is not lacking. Precisely on the eve of what changed the political style of the planet with the "war on terrorism" inaugurated in the WTC, the Weekly Telegraph in its (weekly) edition that came out on September 5, 2001, revealed "an experiment that had been maintained hidden in England in 1952, and that after almost half a century came to light thanks to the making available to the public of information from the state until then confidential ”.

A downpour then fell in a small town in southern England, Lynmouth, "killing 35 people in one night." The article ends: "it may not have been a natural disaster."

Until then confidential official documents have revealed plans by the RAF [British Military Air Force] to "precipitate precipitation" worth the cacophony. Something that the authorities had been denying repeatedly, despite hints presented by different ex-members of the RAF.

The British Ministry of Defense maintained after what was published in 2001 that it could not be an induced storm, and therefore shunned all responsibility for the 35 deaths, since the studies to modify the climate did not begin until 1954. In summary: for a chronological sprain of two years, the government excused all public responsibility, state ... Two years over the decades seems a trifle, an unworthy dodge. To make matters worse, the BBC, when bringing to light the previously secret documents revealed that the British National Archives referred to experimentation and climatic induction ... between 1949 and 1955, which is fully consistent with the beginning of the Cold War, after the very short spring postwar. Such plans were so framed in the Cold War that in them it can be read that the induction of torrential rains was designed "to hinder the enemy's march" and "to increase the course of the rivers and prevent their passage to the enemy" (radio program late August 2001, BBC Radio 4, cit. p. Weekly Telegraph, ibid.).

To end the avoidance of institutional responsibility, the same article reminds us that the Science Monitor in turn attributes the first experiments to trigger rain to the 1940s in the US under the name "Project Cirrus", conducted by General Electric and headed by Irving Langmuir, Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 1932, a specialist in the study of clouds, in the creation of electron discharge devices, vacuum pumps, atomic hydrogen welding and in the artificial production of rain ...

But it's not just about investigating how far the HAARP project has come, and how long it has been working on. It is about seeing the dominant mentality in the military layers that tried to take over the planet in 1945, which had a certain eclipse, due to at least an apparent tie of forces with the Soviet bloc during the Cold War, and that from the '90s another Once they have felt the undisputed, exclusive masters.

In a geopolitically similar period to this one that we are living, of unipolarity, which goes from the mid-1940s to the early 1950s (in 1952 the USSR detonated its first hydrogen bomb and the primacy that the Americans believed to have achieved for a long period ...), the world, as now, was full of candidates to confront the North American hegemony. At that time, the racist proposals still "hot" (although eradicated from the vocabulary, along with the ignominious fall of Nazism), the military dedicated themselves to looking for ethnic weapons, for example.

The Cirrus Project and Operation Cumulus are precisely from that time.

Foolishness and racism were so inherent to US militarism, which had seen the beginning of its universalization with the second postwar period, that they spent millions trying to trace viruses or bacteria that would harm the "black" or "yellow" races, leaving the whites. One of those projects was called "Who, me?" and he imagined finding substances that when dumped into the air (at an airport, for example) would cause a Chinese or a Jap to give off a stinky odor that of course, they assumed, would not be released from white bodies. The project, with some logic, although also fortunately, did not find the desired substances, but it does account for the mentality of the owners of power, a mentality that certainly persists above, or below, political situations or epochal changes. It came to light when some of the military experiments ended the life of a civilian of those sprayed in public spaces with experimental substances and without warning, that is to say, using their population as guinea pigs. (5) When the confidential papers of that time came out at birth, in the decade of the '80s, there was a panorama of the breadth of military techniques put at the service of the American preponderance.

Pride also characterized the US military strategy.

Genetic engineering, for example, was interviewed as the inexhaustible possibility of producing irresistible pathogens, through genetic modifications that make them unrecognizable to natural, traditional or drug-acquired biological defenses. There are phrases that give the meaning of this aspiration to absolute power: "Genetic engineering pushes the potential to create new pathogens to infinity"; "The moral barrier for biological warfare has been crossed", the first belongs to a "report" of the Department. Defense [sic] of the United States, generally better known, who knows why, for its offensive functions, and the second, an ethical skirmish by the director of the CIA of the '80s, we assume that ethologist William Webster ...

The ethnic projects as well as the biochemical ones belong to exactly the same era as Project Cirrus and Operation Cumulus that we have gleaned from.

And it is in light of the systemic modus operandi of the US military commands that we have to judge the possibility, the probability, the certainty of strategies of climate dominance, of military power through climate modifications.

Integrate then the fractional data that are known, such as the ones we present succinctly, with this strategy or worldview with aspirations to planetary dominance that has characterized the US elite and that, in some way, has been successful in carrying it out. . With the sophisticated weapons that we are reviewing, with the most traditional of the bombings or simply with the cultural power that they have known how to disseminate throughout the world, to the point that today we can speak, badly enough, of an Americanization of, in to a greater or lesser extent, all human societies.

The antidote is in us. Consciousness, resistance, forging other bonds. Do not accept that a country is bent by the weather. Nor should we accept that it was bent by hunger or disease, like the South of the Sahara, or by bombings, "conventional" or nuclear. We lost to Iraq. We should not lose to Iran. The universe of the aggressors should be moved by our reaction: one cannot attack with impunity and continue "as usual", "daily life". Theirs, and ours.

Luis E. Sabini Fernández is Professor of the Free Chair of Human Rights, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires, journalist and editor of Futuros magazine.


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