Gaia's enemies. The great withdrawal is urgent, we are still on time

Gaia's enemies. The great withdrawal is urgent, we are still on time

By Gonzalo Palomino Ortíz

It is urgent that everyone perceives that the danger to life is real and immediate ... that we must mobilize and spare no effort to achieve an orderly withdrawal from accelerated economic development towards a world where we try to live in harmony with Gaia. That is why we have the obligation to delve into everything that endangers any and all forms of life born and developed on our planet.

I have very close some rocks brought from Minas Gerais, which strongly remind me of the materials formed as part of the Earth's evolution process ... next to them is the computer and other artifacts made by man: the rocks were the product of a slow construction… the seconds invented by Homo sapiens, are part of the tools for the ecological destruction of the planet.

In Bello Horizonte

The approach to the gold deposits removed all doubts about who are the enemies of the planet, enemies to the death, because when they confused the objective of life with the obsession of accumulating money, they turned natural resources into merchandise: history has left signs of destruction, such as coal trails, oil marks, indigenous landslides marked with tattoos of red-hot gold, fracturing of precious stones that have not yet fulfilled their destiny, energy deposits that still await domestication, and many more materials put there as tools of balance and not as targets of destruction.

Economic growth, according to James Lovelock, creates the same addiction, among politicians and miners, as heroin in drug addicts ... and we see efforts of urban politicians trying to keep a dying civilization alive, by means of a useless and inappropriate chemotherapy… when there is no longer a chance of a cure and treatment only makes the last stages of the patient's life unbearable.

Children of the Goddess Gaia

As a child of Gaia, I have always tried to accept her as a mother, know her history, walk in her same direction and rhythm, deepen her approach and knowledge, promulgating the principles that govern the continuity of her cosmic processes, and most importantly, practicing a cosmic respect for all elements of the Universe.

Good behavior, despite academic and cultural trends, is to take advantage of scientific advances to increase knowledge of the Universe, our galaxy, and our planet, aptly named Gaia.

Not everything is a commodity

Especially in this commercial moment where the economy overwhelmed science, scientists lost their freedom and all the products of nature have a price, they are already a commodity.

Gaia's Elaborations

The contempt we practice for the creations of Gaia, such as air, water, soil, subsoil, vegetation, fauna and attacks on all natural resources, which, because they do not have the value of a commodity ... do not require us conservation, care and guaranteed continuity.

The priority water is no longer that of consumption, the noble atmosphere is not that of breathing and contemplating, the sacred vegetation is not the one that regulates carbon dioxide and oxygen, the important fauna is not the one that orders the food chains ... the ground is no longer the matrix of life, now it is the square meter to build grotesque.

But we do give all the value in dollars to the products that allow us to manufacture, by or without necessity, such as satellites, cars, machinery, that is, those manufactured by man, depending on the economic system that is reproduced in pools of money .

Ethics of the galaxies

... Therefore, a planetary ethic must begin with a passionate knowledge about the evolution of the Earth, continue with the millimeter adaptation of Homo sapiens to the new systems of the biosphere, and most importantly: the knowledge of the minimization of the human being and the accumulation of power in the transnationals, in the prospects of money and contempt for the living.

And it is in this approach where we must deepen ... we cannot turn all Nature's products into merchandise.

That is why we have the obligation to delve into everything that endangers any and all forms of life born and developed on our planet.

Gaia's life processes have a purpose

The merchants of the planet

On the surface of the planet live all forms of life from stromatolites to the most complex, perfected for a long time, according to chance and need.

1. When the human being began to walk on his feet, and the plants had ready an offer of oxygen (21%) and traces of carbon dioxide, today cars increase carbon dioxide, reduce oxygen and the ozone layer, without that we care about its effects.

2. The corporations associated with the management and control of the combustion of fossil fuels, became rich while stocks are reduced to 50 percent and contaminate everything they touch.

3. The fear of what can be generated with the cosmic garbage located constantly floating in the atmosphere, has driven merchants eagerly to conquer other planets, perhaps recklessly.

4. Those who permanently and systematically alter the cycles of temperature, do not perceive its slow but persistent increase and the effects it causes in all forms of life, in meteorological processes and in all the cycles patiently elaborated by Gaia ... but they are already feeling the consequences.

5. The native forests that during thousands of years elaborated the best evolution, disappear uselessly in Alaska, and in other parts they fall due to monocultures for fuels: oil palms, soybeans, corn, yucca ...

6. The penetrations with geological violence in the crust and mantle of the Earth to extract elements with possible success in the market such as copper, cadmium, gold, silver, coltan, oil ... extrapolated to human beings, there are no words that define.

7. Destroying the terrestrial topography, polishing its surface, opening deep holes, moving towns, crushing rocks, is really a geological cancer.

8. The hydrological cycle, in its gaseous, capillary, surface, phreatic and deep stages - governed by sunspots - obeys very particular conditions that were designed for millions of years: we ignore them, we change them, and we will pay for their modifications Katrina style.

9. It causes us to cry when we see the way in which schools of fish, dolphins, whales, seals, polar bears and many other species are destroyed ... because we feel that this will be our future.

10. Since August 6, 1945: the nuclear powers changed the future of Gaia… We are committed to turning the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into children's and young people's tales, to restore respect to unknown energies.

Gonzalo Palomino Ortìz, Colombia

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