Native peoples and Argentine nation. The slain children of the north

Native peoples and Argentine nation. The slain children of the north

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By Luis E. Sabini Fernández

Let us mention only when passing the policy of blaming the victim, a successful strategy of power, with which the governor of Salta made his "anthropological" incursion, calling them "culturally undernourished." They faced the clearing of lands that they claim their own.

The numbers sometimes pile up and heat up. And that of the "cold statistics" is often a story. Faced with eight infants killed in two weeks in Salta in the families of native peoples, interpretations, explanations and excuses have soared.

Let us mention only when passing the policy of blaming the victim, a successful strategy of power, with which the governor of Salta made his "anthropological" incursion, calling them "culturally undernourished." The lowness of this qualification is measured only by what it hides: what conditions of life, survival and death have the cornered native peoples.

But if listening to the voice of the master is painful in this matter, we are not much better off with some "critical" voices.

In particular, with voices coming from the media stream, K who has to make enormous efforts and intellectual pranks to continue denouncing the true reasons for these deaths while still defending the government.

In the official program of the official morning radio (Norberto Corominas, Horacio Del Prado, Fernando Clavero among others, 2/15/2011) they comment on the atrocious situation of the original populations in Salta and correctly describe the deterritorialization mechanisms that the original inhabitants have suffered for a long time. They explain, and their voices overlap with outrage, adding reasons and causes, that the oil companies, that the soybeans, that elements of the judicial world with deeds most of the time trout, "take over"? With the "due" police support, It should be added? of lands, slopes, lagoons, roads, blocking and preventing the original inhabitants from having access to their traditional means of life: gathering, fishing, breeding, hunting.

These journalists, with a high critical conscience, undertake it like this with capital operating and looting. With the normal activity of capital (ism), bah. Very free, without brakes or obstacles.

But these same journalists, in an ideological operation that qualifies them as authentic K journalists (in case other information was needed than the fact of reviewing on public radio stations, because in this country the public is deliberately confused with the governmental ) We have been told that the large transnational companies will continue to win hands full but they no longer rule the country. And they gave us the example of a multón against a first-rate oil company. And all this in the same program in which they address the tragedy of children who have legally died of malnutrition.

Why, if companies can no longer do what they want under the K government, do they do what they do in Salta, deforesters, oil companies and / or soybeans?

Because the denunciation of these journalists, so furious anti-capitalists, are formulated with a budget: the businessmen do what they want because there is no state. Because there is no government. Because there is, in short, political. Only the management… businesswoman, Macri's dream. Or, at most, some public presence corrupted to the core as in the example of the presence (quite common) of trout writings.

The latter is, by the way, totally credible. But the striking absence still stands: are accomplices judges or prosecutors the only public that exists in Salta, as well as a governor who rehearses "den" explanations? If that is so, that is what journalism has to denounce. It may be discussed whether the national government can enter the provincial level, intervention through. Or abdicate from doing so. But what journalism cannot abdicate is to seek the causes and those responsible for an act, especially when it comes to what some of us consider, a murder, which, when carried out in this way, in a generic way, is included in what is called an ethnocide. Because criticizing only the companies we skip the regulatory, corporate, political instance. And criticism by not growing from the concrete (concrete is grown-with) becomes precisely its opposite: abstract. Ungraspable, Unusable.

It's curious. Ethnocides, generally accompanied by genocide on a smaller or larger scale, are often carried out alleging political, religious, and historical causes. The most obvious case we have in our troubled present is the Israeli policy on the Palestinian people.

But in Argentina, a situation that implies the obliteration of socio-ethnic formations outside Argentina, is carried out as if it were careless. As without realizing it. Under the pure economic impulse. Or profitability. Without political actors (or almost). Those who should be present, even because of their formal presence; politicians are accomplices who test responses that take away all responsibility for specific economic steps; land seizures, road closures, hunting prohibition, uncontrolled clearing of “uncultivated” or “public” lands or without titles duly accredited by the notaries of the Argentine state, which means the permanent reduction of the economic life forms linked to the mountain and to nature, more or less traditional, more or less artisan. In a word, we are dealing with distractions that morally condemn capital but without such moral condemnation, materially affecting it. Neither to the businessmen who are reconfiguring the country, under the motto of modernization, to better do business, nor to the politicians who ideologically accept modernization and thus also get their participation in the yields.

This political prostration is so widespread that it encompasses even the highest levels of the judiciary, which are supposed to be further away from corruption or collusion: faced with a nightmarish string of similar deaths of adults originating in 2008, the SCJ judge, Carmen Argibay, had no better measure than to provide food bags to the population affected by such deaths. Human beings that the industrialization of agriculture, land clearing, the galloping agrarian counter-reform that the country is experiencing, sojization, modernization, in short, had taken away their livelihoods. At no time was there even an attempt to recognize the right of those Argentines to habitat. A human right. It wasn't even mentioned. Charity then yes, justice not even in dreams.

There must be many more "social actors" surrounding these heinous, and repeated, deaths. But the political landscape is not very bright. From the medical professional side, for example, some health professionals (Alicia Torres and Tomás Torres Aliaga, for example.) Present their resumes and accuse the governor of lack of hospital care such as vitamin drops, with which to compensate for some deficiencies and avoid galloping malnutrition. But his criticism does not exceed his professional scope, when what we need in this matter is precisely to learn to see above our professional or estates quintitas. Because the Grobocopatel take care of their quintitas and the mayors take care of theirs, and the doctors like that… but there is a quintita that is the destroyed one. You know the reader? I hope? which.

The same ethnic group that suffers these deaths was attacked as a result of a road blockade at the end of 2010, in Formosa, with a repression that meant a native and a policeman were killed and two natives seriously injured. They faced the clearing of lands that they claim their own.

An endless nightmare. Members of the Qom community, in Río Bermejito, took the police station on February 14. What had happened? The Qom cut the La Sirena bridge from the aforementioned river in protest against… against what ?: cutting down trees. The police, this time from Chaco, repressed the cut, wounding a Qom man. This was what led to the seizure of the police station.

The companies are not aware. It is your logic. Neither do governments. But they postulate another logic. I think at least journalists should attend to this. But it doesn't seem like it, at least among the mainstream media circuits. Marx had already repaired a century and a half ago that "every economic progress is at the same time a social calamity"; today galloping modernization is taking us to the edge of a planetary precipice, but it is not in dispute; On the contrary, we continue to celebrate the increases in GDP!

Luis E. Sabini Fernandez - Member of the Free Chair of Human Rights, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires, journalist, editor of futures of the planet, society and each one,

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