Fukushima 2012: contamination of the planetary food chain

Fukushima 2012: contamination of the planetary food chain

By Dominique Guillet

Today, seven weeks after the tsunami of March 11, 2011, the situation of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant is inexorably deteriorating. On April 28, TEPCO announced that ambient radioactivity was of the order of 1220 millisievert / hour (2), which corresponds to almost 10 million times the allowable artificial radioactive dose in France (1 millisievert / year). Remember that, according to experts in endocrinology, there is no minimum dose of radioactive contamination.

In August 1945, as Japan was sinking militarily, the predatory globalizing military-industrial mafia began the Third World War, killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians within seconds. The two atomic bombs, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, heralded a total and genocidal war against humanity, with radioactivity as a weapon of mass destruction. The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster constitutes an acute crisis in this chronic radioactive poisoning of the human species, and of the entire biosphere, which has lasted for 66 years.

Today, seven weeks after the tsunami of March 11, 2011, the situation of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant is inexorably deteriorating. TEPCO, famous for its big lies since the beginning of the crisis, begins to prepare the whole world for the eventuality, more than likely, of its inability to control this nuclear catastrophe in 9 months, as promised.

Certain reactors are in total meltdown (and this, from day one), the leaks are permanent, the risks of explosion are more than possible ...

While the emissions of cesium 137, strontium 90, iodine 131 and plutonium 239 isotopes continuously pollute the atmosphere and the ocean, the Western press, at the orders of the globalizing mafia, qualifies the situation as stable, or not qualifies it, in order not to terrorize the crowd and above all not to anger the nuclear mafia. The situation is indeed stable: the radioactive pollution of Fukushima could last for many years without counting that new catastrophic explosions confer a much sharper turn. Northern Japan should have already been evacuated.

When will the evacuation of Tokyo and the whole of Japan?

As of March 18, plutonium 238 and 239 were found in the United States. In California and Hawaii, the levels were respectively 43 and 11 times higher than the highest level recorded in the last 20 years. In March, San Francisco's drinking water contained 181 times the allowable dose of iodine 131. On April 4, rainwater from Boise in Idaho contained 80 times the allowable dose of iodine 131 as well as cesium 137. In early April In April, the rate of cesium 137 in soils near Reno in Nevada was 30 times the allowable dose. Also in April, we found cesium 134, strontium 89, strontium 90 and even americium and curium in very numerous regions of the USA. All these radioactive isotopes have also been deposited in Europe and if they are not found, it is because they are not being sought.

Before the end of 2011, all the soils of the planet will be inexorably contaminated by the daily and permanent irradiation of the Fukushima reactors. It will be the same for the oceans and the water tables. Then the radioactive isotopes from Fukushima will begin a long process of bioaccumulation moving up the various steps of the food chain. In 2012, the entire planetary food chain will be radioactive and therefore hyper-toxic to human health.

But do not spread panic! Human food already derives from an eminently toxic environment and modern chemical agriculture is, inherently, a weapon of mass destruction due to its capacity to mass produce highly poisoned food. The globalizing mafia adores diversity, especially the necro-diversity of strategies for the poisoning of humanity and the biosphere. The holy trinity of his theology of annihilation, is declined as follows: Cancer, Mutation, Sterility or, according to the terminology used in the numerous works of cancer professor Dominique Belpomme, CMR pathologies, namely Carcinogens, Mutagens and Repro-toxic.

The third nuclear world war, launched in 1945, was endowed with an entire arsenal of genocidal weapons:

- Nuclear reactors. There are approximately 450, and their primary purpose is not to produce “civil” energy, but rather to produce plutonium for military use. We know pertinently, since the 70s, that the nuclear sector is not profitable: it consumes more energy than it produces and obviously, the bill does not include the hundreds of billions of dollars, or euros, linked to the management of accidents and the permanent pathologies that it generates. The primary purpose of nuclear power plants throughout the world is to produce depleted plutonium and uranium for human destruction. (We forward to the readers a CIA report, recently presented on the Next-up website, which perfectly highlights the triangulation relationships between France (EDF, Cogema / Areva, CEA), Japan and the USA). All nuclear power plants emit radioactivity without interruption: in technical terms, leaks. Numerous researches prove this. You only have to study the map of the regions where there is more breast cancer in the USA: these regions are all located within a 150 km radius around a nuclear power plant. Such a comparative study would be impossible in France for the simple reason that there is no region that is not under the influence of the leaks (and therefore under a potential deflagration-detonation) from a nuclear power plant! France is the most nuclearized country in the world "thanks" to a perfect understanding between all the governments that have succeeded each other (of all political colors) since 1956, and the nuclear gang (EDF, Cogema / Areva, CEA).

- Radioactive waste. Officially, until 1982, about 100,000 tons of waste were submerged, in concrete containers, in the deepest part of the oceans. But, in fact, not so deeply since some reappeared, at the mercy of the 2006 tsunami in Indonesia, to end up stranding on the coast of Somalia, causing the death of the sinners of this country. What is the impact of radioactive waste on marine life on planet Earth? What is not seen does not exist! For thirty years, radioactive waste "has been retired" (In original French, untranslatable word play between treaties (retraités) and retirees): but let's reassure ourselves, nuclear pension funds have not been swallowed up in the armed robbery largest financial institution in human history Radioactive waste is enjoying a prosperous and peaceful retirement in nuclear warheads (there are still some tens of thousands in the air, in the seas and on land), in MOX fuel (containing 7% plutonium) used by nuclear power plants in France and Japan; sometimes they stroll the roads of Europe and sometimes they even relax in pools on the terraces of certain nuclear reactors. Waiting for the Wave!

- The "depleted uranium" bombs. They are described by Paolo Scampa as “dirty bombs of the rich”. Contrary to what the semantics might imply, they constitute terrifying weapons of mass destruction. The "humanitarian" operation in Libya, orchestrated by NATO and the USA - and whose aim is to steal the oil, gold and financial resources of the Libyan people (and destabilize the area) - has dropped thousands of depleted uranium bombs, too fourth generation calls, over Libyan territory. The depleted uranium bombs were first used by Israel during the Kippour war against Egypt (October 1973). Later they were used in Lebanon, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya by the USA and various Western "coalitions". They were also used by Israel in the Gaza Strip (ACDN association research). Depleted uranium bombs cause cancers, mutations and sterility in these same countries or among military personnel involved in humanitarian operations. Thus, a study in the USA that was carried out on 631,174 Iraqi military veterans shows this: 87,590 suffer from muscle and bone pathologies, 73,154 mental pathologies, 67,743 indefinable pathologies, 63,002 gastrointestinal pathologies, 61,524 neuronal pathologies, etc. We invite all promoters of the civil and nuclear atom to consult on the Internet the websites that present photos of deformed children (and it is a euphemism) born in Iraq, in Afghanistan, as a result of the humanitarian and liberating wars, or in Ukraine, such as consequence of Chernobyl. The “depleted uranium” bombs release isotopes whose average life span is 2.5 billion years, meaning that they will still exist there in 24 billion years.

- Nuclear "tests". Contrary to what semantics might imply, they are pure and simple explosions. Since 1945, more than 2050 have been carried out in the atmosphere and on the ground. The strongest was of Russian creation and its power more than 3000 times that of Hiroshima. In 1963, as President John Kennedy wanted to pass a law that would ban these atomic tests in Nature, the US militarist clique exploded 250 in a single year, almost one per day.

- Modern chemical agriculture. This agriculture is practiced in almost all Western countries and in a large part of the so-called emerging or westernizing countries. It uses synthetic fertilizers and a whole panoply of weapons of war - pesticides - destined to fight against fungi, herbs, insects, nematodes, etc., and which are called fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, nematocides, etc. This agriculture of war, or deadly agriculture, produces food-poisons that generate a plethora of carcinogenic, mutagenic and repro-toxic pathologies. On the other hand, an agronomist once compared the agricultural fertilizers of synthetic chemistry, with mini atomic bombs for agricultural use - or rather, under the guise of agricultural use, with genocidal ends. Modern chemical agriculture also resorts to genetically modified seeds by Monsanto and other criminal multinationals. These chimerical seeds and the crops that are derived from them, can also be considered as minipumps that wreak havoc on the human and animal organism as numerous recent studies have proven.

- The chemical industry. In addition to producing poison cocktails for the “peasants”, this industry created tens and tens of thousands of chemical products, most of which (to use the consecrated expression), are real bombs. Some of these chemical products have diverse and varied names: vaccines, allopathic remedies, synthetic sugars, etc.

- Communication technologies, medical prevention and the fight against terrorism. In this high-tech storage room, we could mention third and fourth generation mobile telephony, WIFI systems, medical radioscopes, body scanners at airports, etc. We recommend to the reader a recent study by the Swiss Daniel Favre on the pathologies found in bees due to electromagnetic interference from telephony.

To sum up this genocidal situation: insane and criminal psychopaths resort to two types of special operations to destroy the human genome and eradicate a large part of the human species. The first consists of generating direct radioactive contamination through nuclear technology: nuclear tests in the atmosphere and on the ground, civil nuclear reactors, military nuclear reactors for the research and production of plutonium, depleted uranium bombs and the non-management of radioactive waste . The second consists in ruining the immune system through indirect, sneaky and daily radioactive contamination: food-poisons, vaccines, allopathic remedies, mobile telephones, etc.

And to crown it all, the Codex Alimentarius, created in December 1961 under the auspices of the WHO and FAO, constitutes the icing, red but deadly, on the thick nuclear cake. We can only admire the refinement of the strategy of the globalizing mafia: since 1945, the military-industrial complex has destroyed humanity and the biosphere by instituting an international organization, the Codex Alimentarius, which is supposed to protect the peoples. But what does the Alimentarius Codex do to protect the peoples: follow the orders of the multinational biocidal companies to impose chimerical seeds, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc. And to impose, in the future, "irradiation" of all foods!

We repeat, again, that the Codex Alimentarius depends on the WHO, a branch of the UN, which could well be called the Organization for Mutations and Sterility. Let us remember that the WHO mobsters signed a secret non-aggressive treaty in 1959 with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) mobsters. The IAEA's capacity to harm is enormous. These criminals still dare to speak of a few dozen deaths, or at most a few thousand, due to Chernobyl, while in the report of the National Academy of Sciences, published in the USA in November 2009, it is stated that Between 1986 and 2004, 950,000 people died in the world as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. And we are in 2011.

The inexorable imposition of the Codex Alimentarius, will end, in the very short term (it is tomorrow), with the pure and simple suppression of all food supplements and all medicinal plants that allow humanity to protect itself, or take care of itself, from the destructive effects of radioactivity or any other form of agricultural, medical or industrial pollution. The prohibition of these substances will drag, it must be specified, the suppression of the majority of medical alternatives, and this is of course what the totalitarian WHO wants, which has been trying for dozens of years to criminalize all these so-called alternative therapies. To treat the cancer epidemic, the WHO prefers to promote chemotherapy and radioactivity: we are living in a formidable time.

The curl curled. The globalist mafia poisons humanity and, using the lever of the Necro-Codex Alimentarius, prevents healing with alternative and natural therapies. It has been many years since we raised the alarm but it is resting on its laurels. Canada has already passed its decree C 51. Two US states have just passed laws that criminalize all alternative therapies. Last week, in Oregon, the FDA (the US Department of Agriculture and Health), protecting its butt with 80 policemen armed to the teeth, launched an operation on a small company, Maxam Nutraceutics, with activity for more than 20 years in the production of "food supplements" to take care of autism (which has become endemic in the USA and Europe thanks to radioactive pollution and thanks to mercury vaccines). Meanwhile, the European Union, which remains faithful to its totalitarian and undemocratic foundations, makes fun of its peoples and works for multinationals and for the nuclear gang: in a short time, it will have made all food supplements and all medicinal plants disappear, the same as all natural preparations used by agro-ecology techniques. And it is this same European Union, which has just multiplied the admissible dose of radioactivity in food by 20 times, 20 times under the pretext that it is better to consume radioactive food than to have to face food shortages (famines).

The minimum threshold for radioactivity is a big scientific scam. Let us remember that, according to experts in endocrinology, there is no minimum dose of radioactive contamination and that, furthermore, contamination caused by low doses is often more destructive to the human fetus than contamination caused by strong doses.

What to do? First, use soil decontamination techniques. After Chernobyl, the sale of cheese was prohibited in Austria; However, we quickly realized that the cheeses produced by farmers practicing organic farming, which for many years had been using contributions from volcanic rocks (the zeoliths), were strictly free of radioactivity. Indeed, all the volcanic rocks of the Zeolite family are famous for their ability to block heavy metals and radioactive particles. The future of humanity will go through organic farming. Indeed, the first line of defense, against heavy metals and against radioactivity, is a prosperous microbial life in soils and the presence of humus and trace elements essential for the harmonious nutrition of plants. This first line of defense is strictly absent in the majority of European soils that have died, sterilized, oxidized and that do not produce more than food products that generate, in the human body, free radical degeneration factors.

There are also decontamination techniques that use mushrooms or plants to "fix" radioactivity. It is not easy to transform a garden or field into a mushroom farm, but instead, it is much easier to plant plant species such as sunflower and hemp / cannabis there. Certain studies valued these two plant species that had been used successfully after the Chernobyl disaster. But it remains to be seen how to recycle the decontamination plants later. We could propose to send them to the Elysium or to the EDF or Areva headquarters.

The great advantage of hemp / cannabis, as a decontaminating plant, is that it also allows you to make very solid ropes!

Because frankly, the peoples of Earth will need these ropes the day that Planetary Courts are constituted to judge all psychopaths, sociopaths and scoundrels of all kinds, who have transformed this beautiful planet into a toxic and radioactive garbage can. Indeed, the first phase of decontamination would be, in all logic, a phase of decontamination of the social fabric because it is useless to decontaminate the biosphere if military-industrial predators continue to poison it with enthusiasm. The decontamination of the social fabric is an urgent imperative if we want to help the human species to pass the threshold of the present extinction. Military-industrial predators must be neutralized by every conceivable means. Only then will it be possible to stop all nuclear power plants, ban chemical agriculture, condemn all biocidarian multinationals, eliminate all the globalist press, to put an end to the financial robbery by armed hand ...

In short, we must promote a total insubordination to the Authorities that function in the integral vacuum of moral and spiritual authority: the New World Order. When their lackeys of state are neutralized, the multinationals will collapse because they only survive thanks to widespread corruption.

It is this corruption that allows TEPCO, the Japanese government and the various Western Authorities to blatantly lie claiming that the situation in Fukushima is stabilized and that there is no radioactive danger for the peoples of the planet.

What happens in France, with the self-declared anti-nuclear NGOs? The Network Exit the Nuclear, forwards its readers to the New York Times to have information on the situation of the "damaged reactors" of Fukushima. Let's be serious, the reactors are not damaged, but destroyed and it would be more authentic to direct English-speaking readers towards blogs dedicated to this problem rather than towards the mainstream US press. One wonders who the Exit Nuclear Network works for since Stephan Lhomme was fired, who just created his own Nuclear Observatory.

As for Greenpeace, the banalities on its website, as far as Fukushima is concerned, are pathetic: the transcription of the Japanese government's communiqués does not constitute any information but intoxication. Let us remember that Greenpeace, like the Network Exit the Nuclear, guaranteed the immense farce of the Grenelle of the Environment of President Sarkozy, that which is already a nuclear non-program!

It is in fact the Next-up Association, and the blog of the Kokopelli Association that try most seriously to present information, up to date, in France. We also advise readers of the Jean-Pierre Petit website whose technical and scientific files are always superbly founded. As for Criirad, it has not presented any recent news since its April 12 statement. We know that it is not easy for small associations, without financial means, to try to pierce the opaque wall of secrecy that has been erected around the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant: it is not a concrete sarcophagus that has been erected around the reactors of Fukushima, is an almost-impenetrable sarcophagus of lies and intoxication. Who evoked the great probability of a nuclear explosion, and not a hydrogen explosion, taking place in Reactor 3? Nobody apart from some physicists or nuclear engineers who do not practice the wood tongue: Leuren Moret, Arnie Gundersen, Chris Busby ... And today, April 29, Professor Toshiso Kosako, authorized on March 16 by the Japanese government as special adviser nuclear, has just announced his resignation, with tears in his eyes, because, he says, "the prime minister ignored the laws." But maybe you don't know them?

The purpose of this article is not to promote fear or depression: it is to promote the implementation of decontamination techniques and to encourage people to declare the hunting ban on military-industrial predators, the toxic source of all their diseases, lifted. . The Fukushima crisis, and the contamination that it entails of the integrity of the planetary food chain, constitute a new invitation to work in co-evolution with the Mother Earth, the Pacha-Mama.

There is only a short time.

Dominique Guillet. April 29, 2011. France. Translation of the Alteatequieroverde Association

Since 1999, the Kokopelli Association has been fighting for the Liberation of Seeds and Humus. Currently, we are committed to doing research and establishing protocols for the benefit of market gardeners in order to help them live and continue working in the garden in a world contaminated by radioactivity. All our technical sheets will be presented on the website or on the association's blog.

Video: Video Shows Molten Material Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor (June 2021).