Proven: McDonald’s burgers are not suitable for human consumption

Proven: McDonald’s burgers are not suitable for human consumption

Jamie Oliver showed on his BBC television show how McDonald's 'washes' the parts of the beef that are not suitable for consumption with an antimicrobial agent, ammonium hydroxide, to be able to use them as raw material in the preparation of hamburgers .
"We are talking about meats that would have been sold as dog food and after this process is served to humans. Aside from the quality of the meat, ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health," Oliver said.
After this ‘meat wash’ was revealed, the McDonald’s chain decided to modify its recipe, although company spokesmen denied that it was in response to the chef’s initiative.
What human being in his right mind would put a piece of meat soaked in ammonium hydroxide in the mouth of a child? Oliver wondered.
But if you've already bought a McDonald’s hamburger and this information misled you, don't worry, you can save it for later, even years later if you want. Last April, the story of an American citizen who has kept a sandwich in perfect condition came to light: no fungus, mold or smell for 14 years.

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